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The Warrior

Title: Warrior

Genre: Mixed media collage

Medium: acrylic paint, vintage black and white  photographs and color photo prints.

Inspiration: This piece is very large and has a commanding presence. It is a homage to my father who was a career military man, he rose from a lieutenant at the age of seventeen to that of a four star general and a defense minister in his late fifties. The black and white photos are his from his time serving in the Korean War as the head of the Ethiopian battalion there. The color photo prints are photos I took from trips to Turkey and from a clothing design business I had showcased in Washington, DC in the late 1990s. Because my father was influenced by Asian culture and especially Japanese culture, this homage represents his character and his spirit. He was indeed a Warrior who gave his life for his country when he was executed by a firing squad in 1975 by the military junta called the DERG.

Vision: Very decorative wall art and one of a kind collector’s item.


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