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Here is part of a longer article originally written for an online publication.

During this pandemic of COVID19 I’ve heard many say, “God is punishing us.” God does not punish but He does beckon and test our sincerity. I feel as though God is saying “take time out” to all of us. I have heard it said that COVID19 is the great equalizer, that it has made us question our values and reassess our desires for fleeting emblems like wealth, status, fame, and power. I have heard regrets for how we behaved toward our planet that sustains life and how we did not use our gifts to lift up those less fortunate, how we did not build communities that engendered equality in diversity. I imagine we have behaved like spoiled children only asking for more, feeling entitled to everything without being accountable to our Heavenly Father. Above all, I hate that we have been fighting one another out of greed and self-serving ambition we have lacked empathy and compassion for those different from us. We have witnessed cruelty and racial bias on people of color.

COVID19 offered much needed time to reflect and recognize that we are not in control, that we share a common destiny - one that we can shape for Divine purpose. Although technology may help the rise of totalitarianism, technology also gives tremendous power to each person. The world has collapsed into a single global village with greater cultural exchange, even if we are organized in enclaves defined by our common interests and our common struggles for existence. During COVID19 I’ve seen an opportunity to redesign my world view and follow only the light so I emerge as human intent to live my divine destiny.

I’ve used this time to grow my faith so as to pursue my life’s purpose. I’ve learned from the Spirit that all I need to lead a purposeful life are intention and gratitude. Intention comes from within and gratitude for where I am and what I have moment by moment fulfills the promise that God's grace flows in abundance. Many feel God is outside of them, that He does not listen or that He does not answer prayers. When we choose to align our minds, hearts and souls with the Divine, energy flows and we find provisions for everything. The question is do we align our thoughts and decisions with God's love, light, freedom and abundance and do we trust ourselves to be good at the core?


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