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About My Art

My creativity has been evolving from line drawings, to acrylic paintings and further to mixed media collages

I am drawn toward the abstract and the incongruent, but also I would say that I like to make the impression rather than the exact of what I am depicting. I am drawn toward asymmetric designs, and my motif is the human experience be it as depicted in people, caricatures, animals or other worldly creatures. Each piece is a story (a vignette) and it has helped me to understand myself and to process what I could not put in words.  

A spiritual being from another time

The question is where do these images come from? 


My favorite example is a drawing I titled,  “Trickster” on one side and “Warrior Spirit” on the opposite side. The images shown above are one piece. As you can see, they are entirely different from one another. I drew the first image not having a specific plan but letting my hand wander on the paper. When I got done drawing, I was not entirely satisfied. So, I flipped it, and what I saw took my breath away. I called it Warrior Spirit. This image spoke to me. It was as if I knew this being/person from ages past. It reminded me of a proud native American, a Phoenician or perhaps, a Polynesian. This is an image that emerged out of my collective unconscious. I find it beguiling and attractive, with piercing eyes that seem to look into eternity, and energy emanating from the ears, and the ripples on the lower face, all convey a being from another dimension. To me, this part human-part mechanical being emanates an energy vibration of a higher frequency,

What started out as a line drawing will in most cases be either partially or completely transformed when it is done as a painting. Some paintings feel like they need to be raw materials for some other piece of art. I use several paintings to make a single collage; a composite painting. Throughout these processes, I’m simply following the intuitive lead of the art that is beckoning to express itself. I am at the service of the creative process so, I don’t view my art as an object of my creation. It is rather the outcome of my own state of being at that particular time and in that state of my mind. I’m a medium of the Divine through whom something is expressed.  It manifests as an art piece bekoz- i-am. 

I would like to know your experience with this or any of my artworks. How do they speak to you? What do you see and what do you feel when you view each piece? I’d love to know your thoughts. 

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