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Art is a source of hope and peace


By Hanna M. Kebbede


The storm in life
A warrior is always aware
A persona contains sub entities


Sailing on the high seas


2024 WORLD ART AWARDS winner in 3 Categories

Artists from 61 countries competed in the 2024 WORLD ART AWARDS where 20 of the most revered galleries in the world were sent online images to score in drawing, painting, sculpture, digital and photography.  Visit Here.

World’s Best Cubists: 

Placed 5th in the Competition

"The Storm"

Screenshot 2024-06-24_Sailing.png

World’s Best Still Life Impressionists: 

Placed 5th in the Competition


Screenshot 2024-06-24_Midaqua.png

World’s Best Naïve Artists:

Placed 6th in the Competition



Art to communicate my concerns

I use art to reach my subconscious as well as to express my deepest emotions and communicate with others. Art is a powerful cultural tool and a solace to the soul. In the past, I surrendered to discover what would be created through me. Over the years, my work has grown from abstract drawings to paintings and mixed media paper collage. I also love photography. At this point, I am exploring several styles including purism, orphism, pointillism, precisionism and surrealism. I am inspired by memories that evoke the most tender moments in our lives. Whereas in the past my subjects were depicted as caricatures, I am interested in exploring other options. My reasons for creating art are to better understand my place in the world. It provides me with an avenue to address the bigger problems and to find my voice on issues that matter. My reasons for creating art are to connect with my higher self and to communicate with others. My goals are to expand my métier and to make my voice more expressive, bold and witness to my being Alive!

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hannah kebbade

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About the Artist

My name is Hanna M. Kebbede. I hail from Ethiopia, lived and worked in four continents and many countries. My first career was with the United Nations and other international nonprofits. My second career was in management consulting, staff training and content development. I'm now on my third act claiming my gift as an artist. 

Bekoz-i-am is my new brand and my story is unfolding. This is my platform for sharing art, photography, merch and audio blogs. I share short stories that may amuse, inform, entertain, and inspire. My goal is to connect with people and find a community. Hopefully, it will cause a ripple that grows and expands with a positive impact in the world.

I've spent a lifetime doing, now I just want to be me and discover moment to moment what that means through my visual art, my photography and my spoken words. 

Bekoz -i-am .................. fill the blank that best resonates with you. I'd love to hear your thoughts and learn from your stories. 


Reach out to Hanna for questions about products, press, collaborations and more. Your inquiries are valuable.

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